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ForeSkin Warriors PvE



After taking a break from hosting one of the most successful Arma 2 DayZ Mod servers, we are back in the server hosting scene with our new DayZ Standalone server, ForeSkin Warriors. We are using our past experiences to help us forge ahead to bring you the most user-friendly experiences possible. With our active and open to discussion moderators, we are always listening to our community. Why don't you come see what all the fun's about?

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Server Rules

-Racism will NOT be tolerated


-Do NOT harass or belittle anyone

-Do NOT exploit glitches or bugs

-Do NOT advertise any other server




Building Rules

PvP Rules

Raid Rules

-No Building in Military Areas. (Must be 300m away from nearest military spawn)

-No Blocking Roads

-Do NOT block off garages, hunting cabins, hospitals or police stations

-Do NOT build bases more then 4 walls high

-Bases must be at least 750m away from traders

-Do NOT Block gas pumps or water pumps

-Be mindful with bases, if you make a giant base it can effect server performance

-Bases Must have a Territory Associated with it.

-Bases that do not have territory flags are fair game for a base raid (Territory flag kits can be crafted or bought from the trader)

-If you have any questions regarding base location feel free to ask an admin


-PVP only in designated areas or in self defense (Self defense is not an excuse for a fight)


-PVP Is Allowed at All Airfields (within their fences), If there's a barrack its considered PVP (in immediate area).


-The exception to this is military tents, There must be 4 or more tents for them to be considered PVP areas.


-Do NOT combat log while in PVP zones

-To raid a base it needs to NOT have a territory flag


-You may NOT dismantle a territory flag to be able to raid


-You may NOT pointlessly destroy parts of the base to gain access(only what you need to for a legit raid)


-You may NOT steal the base for your own


-You may NOT use lethal force to raid, You need to either sneak around or use non-lethal force such as a taser (Base owner can shoot to kill only when they enter the base)


-Do NOT item stack to get into a base


-Player stacking is allowed


-This raid feature is to encourage people to make a territory as its easier to keep track of everyone and there bases


Vehicle Rules

Trader Rules

-Do NOT hoard vehicles, only keep what you need


-One Helicopter per player group


-Do NOT leave vehicles in the safe zones

-Do NOT steal in the trader


-Do NOT build in the trader


-Do NOT leave your vehicle in the trader zone when you log off


-Do NOT block entrances and exits to the trader

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Pictures from the Community!

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Donations are greatly appreciated. All donations go directly to the cost of maintaining and improving the server. Instructions on how to donate are located in the Discord.

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Clothing Reskins

We only reskin base game (Vanilla) clothing. No mod clothing or items.


Here are some of the clothes that we can reskin:




-Baseball Caps



-and so much more.

If you don't see an item that you want reskinned ask an admin to discuss it's availability. 

Prices for reskinning items will start at:


*$5 for basic clothing (T-Shirts, hoodies, pants, etc.).

*$10 for more intricate items (Vests and other items that are multi-pieced).


Weapon reskins are to be discussed with admins.

*These prices are subject to change based on demand.

ALL items will be added to the traders.

Reskins must be cleared by Kat (server owner) before payment can be made.

All proceeds go directly to the cost of running the server.

Any excess will be used to improve the server.

Above the Clouds

Come join our Discord!

© 2020 by Erhmer.

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